Where to buy UK Fake Driving Licence in 2018

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign state in Western and Northern Europe. The UK consists of 4 countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales).  Driving licences and passports are currently the most widely used identification documents in Great Britain. The legal drinking age, that allows young people to purchase alcohol, is 18 years old in most circumstances. Adults who buy alcohol on behalf of a person under the age of 18 can potentially be prosecuted. Nightlife is also available for the person whose age is 18 years or more.


Hi everybody! Dudes, I wanna share with each my positive experience how to get a good  fake ID card. I will show a few bad cases either, but just for comparison. I am also underage as you, guys. But I can afford to do whatever I want to and go into wherever! American law prohibits youngsters under 21 from purchasing and taking alcohol. But, if you have a fake identity document where your age is 21, but not indeed, you are also able to do anything before coming of age.


Having a FAKE id is taken off among young Americans, especially students. If you study at a high school or university, you should to communicate with undergraduates. If you don’t – you can stay away and become a loser. Students who are smarter, they make fake IDs and join night parties of the seniors.


The same story happened to me. I just entered university when a senior student threw a great party for freshers. The problem was that only age students could come there. There were 2 ways whether you have a good connection with some of the seniors or you have a fake ID card. I was out of choice because I had nothing. At that time I definitely decided to get a new Identity document where I am already at age.


When I went through the Internet, I stumbled upon that I was even able to order a fake ID of another country. There were several options besides the United States,  like Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. I’ve been always dreaming of visiting Great Britain. I hope one day I will go for sure, but now I have a great opportunity to become a fake English citizen. Well, why not? By the way, in the United Kingdom, young people come of age at 18. Youngsters 18-years-old can purchase alcohol in supermarkets and pubs as well. They can officially go out all the night. Here in America, we lack this freedom until 21. That sucks.


So, my 2 bandmates and I decided to do an experiment, each of us chose a website that offers fake ID cards.

  1. The first one made an order on idgod.ph. He read good customer reviews about it. He easily made the payment, by the way, he paid with bitcoins. Then he got a message that the card would arrive within a week. After 5 days, they texted back saying the delivery delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances. In the end, he got a fake id 20 days later. Omg..He was totally dissatisfied with this web service. The quality of the fake card left much to be desired. This card is useless now.
  2. The second website was even worse, it’s called idviking.com. Dude placed an order, but the service didn’t respond somehow. They didn’t call or email him. They probably have hundreds of orders at the same time or whatever’s going on..nobody knows.
  3. I chose a website with UK fake identity documents offering – already21.com. I ordered a UK fake driving licence and paid an average price for that. It wasn’t very high compared to the usual pricing level. I received a discreet parcel in a week. So fast! First of all, I checked the quality. It was important to me that all the info was printed correctly. There were no blurry letters and fuzzy characters. I liked it so much. This web service worked well on the whole way!


My mates were unlucky last time, but I advised them my opening. They also ordered their fakes UK ids. Now we hang out together every weekend, we are able to cut loose all the night. We can get into nightclubs and purchase alcohol everywhere. That was our goal. Moreover, girls love us more than others because we pretend to be English guys, they try to seduce us all the time..hahaha

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