How to get Illinois Fake ID

The USA is a federal republic, consisting of 50 states, a federal district, five self-governing territories, and several possessions.  The U.S. establishes the strict rules about ‘the legal drinking age’. For American, the minimum legal age to purchase any alcoholic beverage is 21 years old. The same age allows them to get into the nightlife.


Hello, guys! I’d like to share my good experience how to get a Fake ID. I got it in Illinois state since it’s neighbored to my state.


I urgently needed to get a false identity card when my older brother turned 21 years old. He has reached the age, but I was still a minor. Before his 21 birthday, we spent a lot of time together, we were big friends. But then he found other friends because he couldn’t hang out with me like I was younger. Nightlife was not allowed to me as for him. He began going to nightclubs and strip joints, using his own identity card. Our folks presented him a new car, he started dating a girl.


He threw an amazing party on his day where guys were drinking alcohol and dancing. At night they all moved to the nightclub except for me, I stayed home alone.  The next morning they came back from the party. My bro called me a loser since all the juv guys like me were already hanging out at the party, using fake ID cards from another state. I instantly started looking for a fake ID for me.


I searched through the web when came across several options out there. I spent a lot of time on it. Therefore, I want to save your precious time and show you how to succeed in it. I hope it probably can help you, guys, as well. So I was so angry being a greenie that I went for making a new ID and join the next grownup party.


Let’s get started. Those who belong, they say the best method is to make a Fake identity card not in the state where you live, but in the other one. Some professions like bartenders or go-go dancers usually use fake cards for the purpose to buy alcoholic drinks. There are several cases when almost everybody, who is not mature enough yet, needs to have a Fake ID. I chose to purchase a new fake ID in Illinois..


The really good high-quality fake Illinois ID cards are supposed to be made of PVC plastic (poly vinyl chloride), having multiply levels of protections like a hologram or a barcode. This part contains  personal details about the ID holder. Pay maximum attention to the fact that you need a fake ID with a scanned stripe on it as well.


Two of my friends and I had an argument about which supplier would be better. In the end, we all ordered the FAKE ID documents of Illinois state.

  1. One of us, who was 19 at that time, chose the website in order to save. They delivered his FAKE id card in a month.  The quality of this card turned out to be terrible. Another thing that he didn’t like was the courier gave the package in hands of his mother, but not to him personally. By the way, one of the rules of this company clarifies about personal delivery. The delivery was long, the quality was quite low that was impossible to read anything on it. Now there is only one way to use the new ID card, it’s to shake it in front of the girls proving his false maturity. That’s it.
  2. Another friend of mine made an order the Illinois fake ID on the site. So, he was dazed a lot when the card has arrived. The main problem was with the terrible quality of production. The letters danced so that there was no chance to read any data card. However, the delivery time was short, and the support service was good enough. That’s why my poor friend asked for a refund, but they rejected our request explaining it to the risks. Finally, he wasn’t able to take this card in order to use it somehow. As a result, money and time were wasted out.
  3. As for me, I chose another website to buy a fake ID – I got a parcel with the new card just in a few days. It was neatly packaged in an iphone case. The quality was high, it looked just like the original one. Compared to others, the services of this site cost 20% more. I paid for the order with bitcoins that took only a couple of minutes. In addition, I have noticed that the delivering service was personal, they delivered the package directly into my hands.

already21 fake ID Illinois

Both my mates were upset. They also wanted to have  high-quality ID cards and later made an order on the website that I used for this. Today I am available to visit all the nightlife from bars to strip joints. We finally can have fun together! It brought us a lot closer to each other. I am glad I got this fake ID that makes my life much happier than before.


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